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  1. Please call 530-662-1784 option 1 to report an absence. You can leave a message, send an email to, send a note or come to the office to notify the date and reason of the absence. Please make sure you speak clearly the name of the student and the reason for the absence.
  2. Parents need to clear an absence within 2 days of returning to school. After 2 days the absence will be considered unexcused. 
  3. Log on to Parent Portal to view student absences. If you need help logging in  please call or visit the office.
Examples of Excused absences include:
* student is sick                 *  Medical appointment       *family emergency-state the emergency
*funeral: limited to one day if service is in California or 3 days if service is out of state
Examples of Unexcused absences:  (still call to let us know if this is your situation so we can document that you notified the school)
* no ride      * vacation     *parent/sibling sick   *out of town